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Tracy Green MintzTracy Greene Mintz, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (#23964), trainer and long-term care consultant based in Southern California.

Tracy believes that knowledge is power, and our elderly clients deserve all the power that we can shift to them in our complicated healthcare service delivery system. She is a nationally recognized expert on the topic of Relocation Stress Syndrome (care transitions) in the elderly and has trained case managers, administrators, nurses, social workers, skilled therapists and other disciplines that serve seniors across the U.S.

Her sessions are popular and memorable because her common sense approach includes laughter and team-building that validate the very difficult work of eldercare. She has her MSW and gerontology certificate from Portland State University in Oregon and master’s degree in film and television from UCLA.

Tracy’s approach highlights the crucial link between good customer service and good care, which leads to positive outcomes for clients and facilities alike.

She is a member of many local and national organizations that serve the interests of seniors and their families.

Did You Know...

...Title 42 of the Public Health Code prohibits a long-term care facility from discharging someone without giving them proper orientation to the move?

"What constitutes a proper orientation? Our course on Relocation Stress Syndrome in Seniors offers 20 interventions anyone can do before, during and after a move."